6 Ways to use Call Of Duty Black Ops 3 Mod Menu

Order to facilitate you in the game Call of Duty Black Ops 3 we share Mod Menu by means of which you will be able to unlock new additions and better yet eliminate enemies. The program now known as BO 3 Mod menu is in beta, and we ask everyone to issuing credible opinion that will help us improve the program. Black Ops 3 Mod menu is available on multiplatform PC, Xbox, Windows 7,8,10 and a new PS4 console through a special dedicated launcher.

Information :


The program does not need to be installed, bo3 Mod Menu No Jailbreak runs in the sandbox system and is not detectable, when taking note the appropriate version according to your device available in the following versions:

Bo3 Mod Menu for Xbox 360 & Xbox one
Bo3 Mod Menu for PS3 & PS4
Bo3 Mod Menu for PC

All programs do not require Jailbreak

Content Call Of Duty Black Ops 3 Mod Menu :

Shot in mountains with Bo3 Mod Menu for Xbox

* Toggle Aimbot
* Toogle Visible Check
* Toogle Auto Aim
* Toogle Auto Shoot
* Toogle Rapid Fire
* Toogle Redboxes
* Toogle Radar
* Toogle Wallhack
* Toogle No Recoil
* Toogle ESP
* Toogle Weapon Unlocker

Additionally, you can find instructions in .pdf how to properly install Black Ops 3 Mod menu on your device, only you need is a computer with a USB device, so you can rip the files on your console PS4 or Xbox they need a 200 mb free disk space.

Installation on a PC

– Save Bo3 Mod Menu to your PC ( Windows only )
– Unzip files and move to folder game change this files „BlackOps.exe” „BlackOpsMP.exe”
– Wait for load new addon to game
– Now open BlackOps.exe during the game, press F5 ( Single Mode ) F6 ( Multiplayer Mode )
– Great that’s all you can play with menu mod

Installation on Xbox

– Save Bo3 Mod Menu Xbox to PC and transfer files to USB
– Connect USB to your device 360 or one
– Go applitacions —>> add new —>> source —>> USB
– Wait 3 min for load and restart console
– During the game, click R2 + button one
– Great take your options and play

Installation on PS4

– Save Menu Mod for PS4 or PS3 support
– Connect USB or send files from pc to your cloud account in PlayStation
– Install Applitacion in new folder
– During the game, click R1 + button 2
– Install complete you can play now

Where can I download Bo3 Mod Menu ?

Look here, remember you must take right button depending on the device

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